6 Tips for Staying Productive While At Home

Tips for Staying Productive While At Home

humz.eu.org - During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs. Others are also forced to work from home. Instead of cursing at fate, you should use this opportunity to improve your abilities. There are many recommendations for productive activities that can be done at home. Here are six recommendations for productive activities to improve your abilities at home.

1. Create a daily to-do-list

Write down the activities that will be carried out on that day and the next week in a planner or notebook. This method will make activities more structured at home. For those who work or study from home, of course, deadlines for assignments and office work should not be missed. Stay in control of all activities and discipline with targets that will be achieved every day. With a to-do-list or daily work plan, not a single job is missed.

2. Take online classes

 Online classes are intensive learning activities done with the help of an internet connection and can be done from home. There is no need to queue or register for a Pre-employment card, as there are many free online classes from various educational services, Coursera. This online class service is like a lecture with the material in text, videos, discussions, quizzes, and exams with deadlines. At the end of class, some online classes or courses also provide certificates.

3. Learn a new language

Your spare time at home can also be used to learn a new language. Start learning a foreign language from the culture or country that you like. Loving the culture will make learning the language easier.

You can study Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish or Italian. There are many free course services available for language learning. You can also learn foreign languages by using free games or apps like Duolingo, Cake, Memrise, and Mondly. Learning languages with some games will be even more fun.

4. Learn a new skill

Apart from a new language, you can also learn new skills at home. For example, learning to cook, dance, draw, garden, and play musical instruments. This skill can be learned self-taught at home. Take advantage of trusted sites to learn new skills at home. You can also redevelop your hobbies by taking advantage of the spare time you have more available while at home.

5. Selling online

There's nothing wrong with trying to sell online during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can sell items that are not used, such as clothes, shoes, or skincare, on social media.

If you have a hobby and are good at cooking, try to market your cooking results, like sewing, writing, drawing, etc. All these skills can be sold online. You can also try selling as a drop shipper or intermediary between buyers and sellers.

6. Attend webinars

Also, attend online seminars or better known as webinars, while at home. Choose webinars with reliable speakers so you can learn from them. The webinar concept is more straightforward than online classes. Take notes and practice the learning results from the webinars so that the knowledge gained is better mastered. Apart from these activities, you can also read books or watch movies that can help you keep thinking.

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