10 Tips Stay Healthy During WFH

humz.eu.org - The government has issued various appeals since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). It started by urging the public to regularly wash their hands with water and soap, and also apply a clean and healthy lifestyle. And because of Coronavirus, people are also asked to limit social-physical distancing and not carry out outdoor activities if it is not urgent. Many companies have even implemented policies so that their employees can work at home or work from home (WFH).

Efforts to maintain body condition and implement preventive measures so that the immune system is maintained must still be made because staying at home does not mean we can neglect our health. Here are some practical ways to avoid catching viruses and bacteria during WFH.

1. Get up early and have a healthy breakfast

During WFH, we can indeed wake up later than usual. However, it is crucial to get up early so that sleep patterns are regular and health can be maintained.

When we wake up early, we have additional time to cook healthy food and enjoy breakfast time. A healthy and relaxing breakfast can not only energize you until the afternoon, but it can also prepare your mind to focus more while working.

2. Bask in the morning

Apart from breakfast, it is also advisable to sunbathe in the morning. This habit will improve bone health and will also make you feel better and refreshed. This habit will undoubtedly have a positive influence on our performance during WFH.

3. Sit in the correct position

During WFH, the role of working is indeed freer; even while lying on your stomach, you can. However, we should still work in a sitting position like working in an office, with chairs and tables. Although it may feel more comfortable at first, working while lying down for too long can increase your risk of neck, back, and shoulder pain, as the muscles in these areas become stiff. Besides, it is recommended to stand and walk or stretch at least once an hour. This method is useful for reducing tension in the long enough muscles to stay in the same position.

4. Eat healthy foods and vitamins

To maintain endurance and health, consume healthy foods with a balanced nutritional content, namely containing protein, carbohydrates, good fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. With more time at home, we can also cook more often. Try a variety of healthy food recipes to vary the diet. Besides, the absence of time limits such as in the office can change the meal schedule during WFH. Stick to your regular meal schedule as much as possible to avoid digestive problems, such as acid reflux.

5. Limit and choose wisely the snacks you eat

The temptation to eat savory and sweet snacks tends to be greater during WFH. However, we should still limit snack consumption, especially those high in calories and sugar, to keep your weight under control. Eating snacks such as potato chips, chocolate, or other light snacks might make us more excited for a moment. However, research has shown that this snack can easily make the body tire and find it difficult to concentrate. This activity, of course, can make WFH activities not run smoothly. If you feel hungry during or in the middle of work, choose healthy snacks, such as fruit, yogurt, nuts, or low-fat dairy products. Not only being able to overcome hunger, but this snack can also provide adequate nutrition for the body.

6. Do regular exercise

To keep and maintain a healthy mind and body during WFH, you must still make time to exercise. There are many sports at home that you can do, from yoga, push-ups, aerobics, jumping rope to Zumba. If you need expert guidance, follow the online sports tutorials available on various social media platforms. Besides that, you can also jog outside the house. However, there are conditions. Continue to apply physical distancing to maintain a distance of 1–3 meters from the people around you.

7. Shower in the morning and evening

Even though you feel "clean" from just simple activities at home, you must still get in the habit of taking a shower or have a bath at least twice a day in the morning and evening so that your body remains clean and can relax tense nerves. Personal hygiene is an important key to staying healthy during WFH.

8. Rest and drink enough water

Having adequate rest time is essential to maintaining a regular sleep routine to continue to a typical pattern. Make sure not to stay up late because it can harm our health. Besides getting enough rest, make sure that you are always well hydrated by consuming mineral water regularly in sufficient quantities.

9. Maintain hygiene

Even though we are indoors for quite a long time, we still prioritize personal hygiene and the environment. Make sure to wash your hands with water plus soap and running water for at least 20 seconds at regular intervals, such as before and after eating, after using the toilet, after doing activities, and if your hands are dirty. If you cough or sneeze, cover your life and mouth with a tissue. After that, immediately throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands thoroughly.

Home cleanliness must also be maintained. Clean the places that allow germs to nest, such as between cabinets, behind wall hangings, and the inside of curtains. Maintaining a clean work environment such as desks and laptops regularly is also necessary.

10. Maintain mental health

In addition to maintaining physical health and fitness, it is also advisable to pay attention to mental health so that you can remain calm and think positively in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Be selective about the information you get, and make sure you only accept it from accurate and trustworthy sources. Always communicate with family and friends to ask about news, provide support, or do joint activities via video calls. Let's stay healthy and energized!

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