8 Benefits of Honey for Health

Benefits of Honey for Health

humz.eu.org - Honey is the product of bee products, which are now known further because of its incredible health properties. No wonder honey is widely used for the treatment of various diseases. In addition to increasing stamina, this sweet liquid produced by bees effectively maintains immunity, relieves coughs, and supports heart health. The health benefits of honey come from its different nutritional content. Apart from sugar, which makes it taste sweet, honey contains many active compounds, such as vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E (tocopherol), vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B complex, as well as flavonoids, phenolic acids, and carotenoids. As for the benefits of honey, namely:

1. Benefits of honey for facial skin health

Honey is not only known as a natural sweetener; honey also has other benefits that can be used for skin health, especially facial skin. Honey is believed to be used for acne removal, but it needs to be added with several other ingredients, such as lime. Honey can also be used to shrink facial pores and smooth facial skin.

2. Honey as a cough remover

The benefits of honey as a cough reliever are not only a figment that is not proven, but this benefit is also confirmed in journals. The journal was released in 2007 with a sample of 270 children. The study results were drinking a spoonful of honey before they went to sleep, the intensity of the coughs that occurred decreased.

3. Honey as an immune booster

Honey contains a variety of complex nutrients, ranging from vitamins to minerals that the body needs. Not surprisingly, nowadays, many parents believe in honey to be given to their children. The reason parents give honey is to maintain the health of the child, significantly to increase immunity and stamina.

4. Honey as a bacteria killer

In honey, a substance has the function of slowing down the rate of bacteria and even killing the bacteria so that the body can avoid disease. It has been proven in a study that honey is effective at eradicating bacteria in the body such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and other similar bacteria. Therefore, the properties of honey need not be doubted.

5. Ward off free radicals

Phytonutrients and several vitamins in honey are natural antioxidants that can ward off excess free radicals in the body. This honey property is beneficial for preventing damage to cells and body tissues caused by oxidation activity. There are so many advantages or benefits that can be obtained from honey, including strengthening immune cells, preventing allergic reactions, preventing and reducing inflammation, and preventing diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer.

6. Increase body immunity

As already mentioned, the phytonutrient compounds contained in honey can strengthen immune cells in the body. This will reduce the possibility of infectious diseases. Apart from that, honey is also known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

7. Accelerate wound healing

Many studies say honey is very useful in accelerating wound healing. Honey or products containing honey, such as beeswax, are known to help remove dead skin cells, kill bacteria in wounds, and stimulate the formation of new skin to cover up the damage. The types of injuries that honey benefits may heal are burns, abrasions, and diabetic wounds. But keep in mind that the honey that can be used is honey whose sterility is guaranteed.

8. Maintain a healthy digestive system

Some studies say that honey is also prebiotic to support profitable bacteria growth in the intestines. The natural properties of honey can be useful for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Maintain heart health Phytonutrient compounds in honey are thought to improve heart health by increasing blood flow and preventing atherosclerosis formation. Several studies have shown that honey can lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol and blood fats.

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